TrueAchievements Moderation Team

Gamer Score Logged In Position
WebChimp UK WebChimp UK 562,632
On site
Elite1111111111 Elite1111111111 791,621
On site
ICE Faux Pirate ICE Faux PirateTA has stopped tracking the amount of time I've played a game online. Anyone else have this issue? 704,070
On site
Koding KodingLEGO Completion #75 :: LEGO DC Super-Villains 963,694
On site
xPut Name Herex xPut Name HerexGame Pass ad on dashboard: "Play Zoo Tycoon". Restarted Xbox and it refreshed to "Play the Hunter". Oh no... 922,463
On site
Clever Jake Clever Jake"Target TA Difference: 241 (or greater)" - Probably should have planned this event better or at all... 524,909
Beanpotter Beanpotter[dive] Monday. [dive] 1,125,028
dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJARabble-rouser. 574,096
TrueAchievement TrueAchievementWe are dedicated to making TrueAchievements the fastest and most feature-rich gaming website on the planet 368,634
Ahayzo AhayzoHas anybody experience Smite not progressing any achievements, accolades, or awards, no matter what you do? 787,402
ManicMetalhead ManicMetalheadThat’ll have to do for my bean dive. No more new games installed at the moment! More games dived than last year at least. 534,275
omgeezus omgeezusGetting close to the end of this year's Bean Dive - this may be my favorite one yet, lots of games I can't wait to get back to! 829,714
Reborn Insanity Reborn InsanityOnly 25 achievements left in Elite Dangerous. Slowly but surely... 355,475