The Falconeer launches day one for Xbox Series X/S

By Heidi Nicholas,
A November release date for The Falconeer had been announced back at Xbox's July showcase, but with the news that the Xbox Series X launches on November 10th, The Falconeer devs have been able to confirm that their open-world aerial-combat adventure game launches day one for both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

In The Falconeer, you fly a Warbird through The Great Ursee. The game comes from solo developer Tomas Sala, and the official description says the realm of The Great Ursee is divided between factions: the rich and powerful, and the "downtrodden and poor." The game is a "new take on air combat" with a third-person perspective, and you'll be using dogfighting mechanics, ocean thermals and energy in combat against other Falconeers, War Falcons, Weaver dragons, Razorbeetles, and Mantarays.

You'll pick your faction and allegiance, but you can "experience it from as many angles as you want," with access to all the different factions. There's a number of different Falconeer classes. Your mount will be your strongest ally, and can be upgraded with weapons, armour, cosmetics, and Mutagens and Chants.

The Falconeer

Sala took part in a Reddit AMA, and said the decision to make the game an Xbox and PC exclusive "evolved naturally" as "Microsoft is a welcoming indie friendly platform." The Falconeer launches day one alongside the Xbox Series X/S on November 10th, featuring 4K 60fps performance and making use of the Smart Delivery Feature.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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