Xbox Series X 1TB SSD expansion cards could cost over $200

By Sean Carey,
The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are equipped with internal storage, but with the ever-swelling size of game files these days (yes, we're looking at you Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), external storage is almost a requirement at this point. Although you can use a standard external hard drive with your next-gen Xbox console for storage of Series X games, to play them from an external device, you're going to need to buy a proprietary Xbox external SSD from Seagate. A new leak suggests that these proprietary drives could be pretty pricey.

A leak, which seems to have come from Gamestop, shows the Xbox Series X Seagate 1TB SSD expansion card priced at $219.99 — a pretty hefty sum considering you can buy an Xbox Series S for just $80 more. Of course, this could be a placeholder price, so it's worth taking this one with a grain of salt, but a decent 1TB NVMe PC SSD isn't far off that price these days. Slap an Xbox logo on it to make it a proprietary drive, and suddenly this leaked price isn't outside the realm of possibility.

Of course, you don't necessarily need one of these Seagate external drives. You can play previous-gen Xbox games directly off your existing external hard drive on the Xbox Series X, and store next-gen games on it too. However, if you're looking to play an Xbox Series X game, you'll either have to make sure it's installed on the console's SSD, or purchase a Seagate expansion drive and play it from there.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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