Xbox Series S, the "smallest Xbox ever," officially announced with a $299 price tag

By Heidi Nicholas,
We're past the first week of September, that Holiday 2020 window is looming, and at last, we have some (slightly) new next-gen info. Speculation and leaks about the Xbox Series S have been making headlines for the last few months, but we now have official confirmation from Microsoft on the "smallest Xbox ever," as well as its $299 / £249.99 price tag.

Xbox Series S

Rumours about a second, all-digital, cheaper next-gen console have abounded for some time. The Xbox team says we'll have more info soon, but for now we have an official announcement, a nice new shiny pic, and the all-important price. More leaks sprung up just hours ago, via Brad Sams of Thurrott, for instance, and Microsoft shadow-dropped this official announcement just now in response. The memes are already beginning: if the Xbox Series X was compared to a fridge, this smallest Xbox is being likened to everything from speakers, to, randomly, this:

So there we have it, official confirmation from Xbox about how the Xbox Series S will offer "next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever" for $299, with a size comparison pic with the controller for reference. To amp up excitement even more, Marty Hess, who handles Xbox's global product marketing, tweeted to say "If you think announcing a next-gen console in the middle of the night due to leaks is wild, just imagine what else we have cooking…"

There's no official word on Xbox Series S specs yet (although we do have the Xbox Series X specs), but reports of possible specs surfaced a few months ago. The Verge puts it at around around 4 TFLOPS of GPU as opposed to the Xbox Series X's 12 TFLOPS. A few months later, The Verge's senior editor tweeted a closer look at speculated Series S stats:

The Xbox Series X will launch in November. There's no more specific release date yet, but it's likely the Series S will launch around the same time. We should be hearing from Xbox "soon," but while we wait — what do you think of the Series S price and design? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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