Defiance's Xbox 360 servers will close this month — last chance to grab those achievements

By Sean Carey,
Servers for Defiance on the Xbox 360 are due to close later this month on May 25th. Trion Worlds has decided to shut down the servers as it has become "impossible to properly sustain the game" due to older technical systems Defiance uses.

3/6/13 Plague Update 2

A post over on the Defiance forums reads, "Today we're announcing that after many years of epic battles, we're closing Xbox 360 as a platform for Defiance 2013. This was not an easy decision for our team, but due to old technical systems, it became impossible to properly sustain the game."

Trion Worlds says that it has put in a system for players to transfer over items to Defiance 2050, so they can continue their adventures. To do so, you must link your Defiance 2013 and Defiance 2050 accounts. A full list of items that will be transferred can be found here.

Sadly, this gives you just a few short weeks to grab any of the achievements from Defiance before the closure. The game has been delisted from the Microsoft Store, so if you don't own it, you'll need to find a physical copy. If you're looking for a full completion, we do have a walkthrough here on TA that can guide you through the process of unlocking most of the achievements bar some from various DLCs. Several boosting sessions have also been scheduled for the game, so it might be worth jumping into one of those and working together with other TA members to grab a few achievements.

The servers for Defiance will close on May 25th, 2020.

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