TA Playlist Game for April 2020 Announced

By The TA Playlist Team,
As we leave our mischievous goose behind and say goodbye to Untitled Goose Game, we take to the stars in our next playlist title. April’s theme consisted of Game of the Year award winners from 2019. With nearly 1350 of you voting, the game taking the win by a wide margin is our TA 2019 Game of the Year, The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds ~ SuperHeroArt

Created by Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas among other titles, The Outer Worlds is a faithful take on a role-playing adventure. Explore a colony of smugglers, corporate soldiers, and crazy marauders as you try to revive an entire ship of frozen colonists. With various companions along for the ride, players can customize their own character and stats, build up their reputation with various factions, and discover a wide range of quests on their mission to take down the evil corporate conglomerate, also known as The Board.

This epic journey in space takes an estimated time of 35-40 hours, and has both an Xbox One and Windows version, both of which are available with Game Pass. There’s also a recently published walkthrough here on TA that will surely help any new adventurers.

Here are the full results of the poll:

TA Playlist April results

We're looking forward to shooting off to space with you all, and hearing your thoughts on The Outer Worlds from April 1st. To join the conversation next month, or leave your final thoughts on Untitled Goose Game, make sure to check out the TA Playlist Hub.
The TA Playlist Team
Written by The TA Playlist Team
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