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Dragon Lapis achievement list revealed

We have just picked up new achievements for Dragon Lapis. There are 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 10 of which are secret.

Posted 2 hours ago by Rich Stone 2

EA Play coming to Xbox Game Pass this holiday

Today is a big day for Xbox news: the long-awaited launch date and price for the Xbox Series X, but also the massive announcement that Xbox is teaming up with EA to provide EA Play to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC players.

Posted 3 hours ago by Heidi Nicholas 66

Xbox Series X 1TB SSD expansion cards could cost over $200

A new leak for the Xbox Series X/S expandable storage SSD cards suggests they could be pretty pricey. You could be stumping up over $200 if you want to play next-gen games directly from external storage.

Posted 4 hours ago by Sean Carey 60

Rocket League leaving Game Pass soon

Rocket League might be on its way out of Xbox Game Pass, but don't worry — it'll be coming right back in a shiny new free-to-play incarnation when it does.

Posted 7 hours ago by Luke Albigés 17

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