7. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition Events

This is a short page with a list of events I've encountered. They seem to occur randomly when you travel. The number you roll when you travel doesn't seem to affect it, as I've rolled a 1 (which should have led to a fight) and instead got an event. Anyway, I've listed the ones I've encountered along with the general gist of the event and what happens:

-Weapon inspectors in gold armor show up. If you choose to let them inspect, you'll face 3 enemies that can transform into other enemies.

-You find a lamp that summons a genie. If you choose gold you get 1 gold. Probably going to want to try a different option!

-You come upon a curious looking guy who is basically a Ghostbusters parady. You'll have to fight a Astral Goose. If you win you'll get an Astral Goose Roast, which is a unique item. This is a healing item that can heal 300 hp and 300 energy. Nothing amazing.

-You come upon a chest that is "begging to be emptied". If you succeed in a senses roll, you'll spot the mimic and fight it. I've never failed the senses check but I assume you still fight it but take damage first since you failed the roll.

-You get lost and the game tells you your horse went the wrong way. You'll have 3 rolls, and then have a fight regardless of your rolls. You just need one character to roll high enough so I've never failed them, but it's a good bet you'll take damage if you fail a roll. I got a Warhammer from the fight and 100 gold. This unlocks the Dark Forest area. The only enemy you can fight is a Fowlbear which you can fight elsewhere, and you'll discover this area eventually in a side quest anyway. The investigation prize is the unique item Rod of Asclepius which sucks, but it's another unique item for the list.

-You arrive in a small vale, where the path of rocks crosses the river. Nothing happened during this event for me.

-You'll get an event in your airship where you'll find a lost island. The only thing of note here is that the Investigation prize is a unique item, the Sweatband of Coolness. It's not very useful, but eh. The only enemy here is an Air Pirate, which you can fight freely elsewhere.

-An ice troll will appear and tell you about a dragon you can fight. The quest for it is at The Wall, but it's a verrrrry strong dragon. You certainly don't want to try this fight until very late in the game. In order to beat him easily, you'll need to stunlock him like most late game bosses. In order to do so you'll need to equip the Ancient Idol on the Ninja. This will stop him from getting hit with the weakness condition that the battlefield condition can cause. Since weakness removes critical hits this would mean you can't stun him. The other thing you'll need to do is make sure the Ninja gets a turn before the dragon. At the start of each round of combat the dragon moves one of his conditions to your party. So if you stun him after he has moved this round, it will be transferred and he won't lose a turn. Use initiative items as needed, though my ninja could always move before the dragon so I didn't need them. You'll get the unique item Rabbit's Paw which is pretty broke but will be useless at this point in the game. Oh well.

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