6. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition Investigation Prizes

This is a list of investigation prizes. Investigation is a mini-game of sorts that unlocks in the Vault area after the quest "That E of D.E.R.P.". You spend 5 gold to investigate, and each member of your party rolls a dice to try and get in a number range based on their senses stat. If they get a number inside the given range, you get one investigation point. When you select the investigate option, you'll see a list of chests and a number below the chest that tells you how many investigate points you need. Each area has its own prizes. When you get enough points, you get the contents of the chest. Since each party member gets a roll, doing this when you have less than 5 members is a waste of money, since a party of 2 can only roll 2 dice, while a party of 5 will roll 5 dice. Most of the items aren't very useful, but the main use for us is that a lot of the final investigation prizes for an area are unique items, and you need 10 of them for an achievement. Here's a list of all the ones I found. A * signifies they are a unique item. Unique items have a blue background. There are also items with a Green background but I'm not sure if they count for this achievement. There are 11 blue items from investigation alone, and plenty to get from side quests and story missions, so this can't be missed.

Spawn Point Village
Enchanted Cushion*

The Vault
Red Stone
27 gold

Carrot Bundle
Ring of Minor Endurance
Viper Fangs*

Nameless Bridge
Coin Purse
Troll Snot*

Big Town
Pen and Paper
Crafting Recipe - Ring of Major Endurance

Scarlet Gemstone
Four-Leaf Clover

Tower of Brass
2 Mushrooms

Crafting recipe - Sandwich
Three-Handed Sword*

Goggles of Tunnel Vision

The Wall
Woolen Gloves Crafting Recipe
Boots of Metal Detection Crafting Recipe
Dragon Egg*

Zeroth Point
Ancient Idol*
Voodoo Doll*

Plains of Null
Enchantment Scroll +2

Mountain of Accent
Iron Helmet

Polyhedron Islands
Crafting Recipe Almighty Ring
Azure Gemstone

Airship Docks

Air Pirate Ship
Phoenix Up
Crafting Recipe Pizza
Crafting Recipe Hamburger

Energy Potions

Steam Flats
Volcanic Rock*

The Past
Petrified Bandage

Red Wastes
Two-Handed Shield

Orienting Village
Crafting Recipe Origami Shield
Bomb X 3
Crafting Recipe Kimono
Paper Hat*

Crafting Recipe Cloak of Silence
Crafting Recipe Black Belt
Spirit Beads*

The Great Paywall
Pound of Rock X 4
Crafting Recipe - Pocketwatch

Expandria Castle
Energy Drink X 4
Crafting Recipe - Warpaint

Naughty Marsh
Marsh Onions X 3
Dragon Statue
Crafting Recipe - Bewitched Soup

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