5. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition Bestiary

This is a list of all the monsters in the bestiary. A quest called Virtual Reality requires that you fill every bestiary page 100%, which means killing 28 of every enemy in the game, and an achievement is tied to it. Before going for this there are a few things you want. First is waiting until the end of the game. You'll fight a ton of enemies in quests and on the way to areas via random encounters, so you'll get a ton of progress on enemies before you even finish the game. The next one is buying the Bookworm player for 300 gold from the 3rd magazine and creating a Bookworm player. Having this character in your party will fill up the bestiary twice as fast. While it's a good thing to have at any point you'll save yourself a lot of time by making one of your first 5 characters a Bookworm. The last thing is the Miniature Games table, as this allows you to face more enemies in each fight. You'll be able to fight 7 S or M size enemies in one fight instead of 5, and 5 L enemies instead of 3. XL enemies can be fought in groups of 3 instead of 1. Having this will greatly cut down on time needed. The bestiary has 4 pages separated by level range.

Enemies in areas are very simple to fight. You simply select the crossed swords option in the menu, use cn_RB/cn_LB to find the enemy you are looking for, and then add as many enemies as you can to the fight, and then fight them. Enemies that only appear in dungeons are more complicated. The fastest way to fill the bestiary for these enemies is to find a room with a fight, kill all enemies but one, and then flee. Go back into the room for a another fight. Repeating this is the best way to fill up the bestiary for dungeon enemies.

Enemies Page 1: Levels 1-9
Rat Trap - Spawn Point Village
Scarecrow - Grinding Farm
Troglodyte - Meadows
Unseen Servant - The Vault
Viper - Meadows
Undead Cashier - The Vault
Bandit - Nameless Bridge/Big Town/Nearby Cave
Cave Bat - Nearby Cave
Thief - Big Town
Fowlbear - Nameless Bridge/Big Town

Enemies Page 2: Levels 10-19
Zombie - Graveyard
Ocular Tentacle - Sewer
Frost Elf - The Wall
Bee Swarm - Meadows
Mushroom Gnome - Tower of Brass
Green Ooze - Sewer
Crowkin - The Wall
Giant Beetle - Tower of Brass
XY - Temple of Broken Balance
Boosted Bandit - Big Town/Tower of Brass
Ghoul - Graveyard
White Pudding - Sewer
Cubic Jelly - Zeroth Point/Plains of NULL
Snow Golem - The Wall
Kappa - Bamboo Forest
Kappa - Bamboo Forest
Kappa - Bamboo Forest
Dog - Temple of Broken Balance
Kappa - Bamboo Forest
Dead Pixel - Mountains of Accent
X2 - Temple of Broken Balance
Skeleton - Graveyard
Pannacotta Warrior - Orienting Village
Vorpal Bunny - Polyhedron Islands
Vowelrine - Zeroth Point/Plains of NULL
Undead Pixel - Mountains of Accent
Giant Toad - Bamboo Forest
Dragon - Temple of Broken Balance
Flying Monkey - Air Pirate Ship/Polyhedron Islands
Na Initiate - Monastery
Gnoll - Swamp
Air Pirate - Airship Docks/Air Pirate Ship/Lost Island
Display Beast - Laboratory
Naga - Spirit Fortress
Caveman - The Past
Mimic -
Giant Flytrap - The Past
Dust Devil - Red Wastes
Oni - Spirit Fortress

Enemies Page 3: Levels 20 -29
Trollodyte - Red Wastes
Moon-Beast - Steam Flats
Zoggoth - Steam Flats
Flying Sword - Ancient Tomb
Bigger Bandit - Nameless Bridge
Infernal Sludge - Ancient Tomb
Death Knight - Ancient Tomb
Elite Guard - The Great Paywall

Enemies Page 4: Level 30+
Pestering Jester - Expandria Castle
Pugbear - Naughty Marsh
Attack Beaver - Naughty Marsh
Spidey - A quest in the Naughty Marsh will send you to the Meadows, where you can fight these. Once the quest is done you can't fight them in Meadows anymore and will need to find them in Crystal Caverns*.
Greater Doppelganger - High School/Lower Tunnels (floor 9)
Ice Troll - Crystal Caverns
Flaming Skull - Lower Tunnels (floors 8 and 9)

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