4. Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition Story walkthrough

Before we start, I'd like to mention that you should keep everything from 2 categories. Every crafting ingredient (the item description will tell you it is) and every unique item (blue background) you get in this game. About an hour in you'll get a storage option that has a ton of space (I didn't hit any kind of max item limit throughout the game). Many of them will be useful for quests or certain battles. Some of the late game boss fights are much harder if you don't have the unique items that protect against certain conditions.

Start the game by choosing play and follow along with the tutorial until it tells you to choose chairs to add two players. Choose a chair and you'll be shown the character creation screen. You can choose a player (first column) a race (second column) and a class (third column). You'll want to make a Jock Human Warrior in the right chair and a Lab Rat Human Mage in the left chair. Select the yellow "!" button, which is the quest button. You use it to either view quests you can start, or advance the quest you have started. Play the tutorial, which is quick and easy. Afterward, press cn_A to bring up the menu for the area you are in, and choose the "!". The general flow of the game is you select a quest from the quest icon, go to a location, and then select the quest icon again to do whatever the quest wants you to do. The quest with the orange "!" is the story quest, choose Giant Rat Population. After the text, you'll see a window that will show up when you choose the quest icon and you have a quest going. It will tell you what you need to do. You can cancel it and choose a different quest with cn_X, or press cn_A to get help for the quest. If you need to kill enemies it will take you to the battle screen and if you need to go somewhere it will open the map for you. Anyway press cn_A to enter the battle screen. As I said previously you'll need to kill 30 for the bestiary, and we're gonna do that for the first few enemy types we meet to get some gold and experience. Press cn_X 5 times to add 5 enemies and then press cn_A to fight. Your regular attacks should kill them in one hit so just keep using regular attacks (the fist icon) until they all die.

You should level up afterward, you'll find skill setups on page 3. However, make sure you take Chain Lightning first on the Mage because it makes killing enemies much faster. You can select your character's "window" (with their HP and energy and such) and then select a skill to level up, equip items, etc. After that bring up the menu and choose the crossed sword icons to start another battle, add 5 and kill them again, using the Mage's Chain Lightning to wipe out the back row in one spell, and then clean up the first two with regular attacks. Another icon in the menu is the bed, and this is the rest icon. You can use it when your HP and energy are low to recover it. In towns, you'll see the bed, which means you can rest with no worries. However outside of towns, the icon is a tent, which means when you rest you have to roll dice, and if at least one character doesn't get a good roll, you'll have to fight enemies. All sleeping does is add a day to your day counter, and this affects nothing, achievements or otherwise. As a result when you're low on HP or energy just go back to town and heal as needed. After you've killed 30, check the quests and take the next one, Polluted River. Before leaving choose the money bag icon in the menu and buy a staff, and equip it on the Mage. Select the map icon to view the world map and choose to go to Meadows.

You'll see a dice roll and a range if you get a number lower than the range you'll have to fight a group of enemies from the area you're going to. The quest here is to kill Troglodytes. We'll need to kill a bunch for a quest so just killing 20 is fine for now. Groups of 5 should be fine. Lightning will kill the entire back row, and the rest can be cleaned up with regular attacks, heading back to Spawn Point Village to rest for energy as needed. When you level up your HP and energy is refilled, so if you're close to leveling up you can avoid resting. With 20 Troglodyte killed head back to Spawn Point Village.

Finish the quest. You'll see there are some quests with blue "!," these are side quests. You can do these side quests for money and items and sometimes other things. I separated the side quests from the story walkthrough. I put the name of the area and the name of the side quest, along with what to do during it. Generally speaking, you'll want to follow them in the order I've presented, because a lot of side quests only open up after you've done certain side quests, so if you try to jump around it will probably be messy. It's a different format from what I've been doing for the story quests just so you know when they open up and what to do. They're not required (the mid-game was kinda boring because I was over-leveled) but late game you'll probably be happier if you do them all, as it can be a bit rough.

Spawn Point Village Side Quests

Fetch Apples - As the name suggests, you need apples. Go to Meadow and fight the Vipers here. Kill 30 for the bestiary, you'll get the green apples way before then. When you're fighting enemies in an area with more than one enemy, you can use cn_RB/cn_LB to switch what enemies you want to add to the fight.

New Kids in a Hurdle - Go to Meadows and kill 7 Troglodyte. Do 2 groups of 5, which will finish the bestiary off.

The Grinding Farm area opens up now. It serves the same purpose as the Farm Village from the first game. Enemies that scale to your level spawn here, so you can always get a decent amount of experience and gold from the Scarecrows there. You don't need to mess with it right now but if you ever find yourself struggling or want gold, you can head here to level up. Anyway, take the D.E.R.P. quest and buy 4 loincloths in the shop and put them on the Mage (this increases his initiative so he will act first more often), then head to the Vault. Your first quest will be fighting Unseen Servants, take down 30 as usual. After that quest, take the next one called That E of D.E.R.P. and kill 30 Undead Cashiers. They are strong enough the mage will not be able to kill them in one hit with his regular attack, so depend on Chain Lightning and return to town to rest and get your energy back as necessary.

Once that quest is finished you'll be able to investigate, which is the magnifying glass in the menu. How it works is each time you select it, you pay 5 gold and your characters roll a die. If they get a certain number or higher (this number is shown under their roll) you get one investigate point. You'll see 4 chests, with a number below it that indicates how many points you need to open the chest. It costs gold to investigate, so I wouldn't suggest doing it for now. You can have a party as big as 5 people, so you can roll now for a chance of 2 points, or wait until later for a chance at 5 when you have a full party. Easy choice. Gold is also incredibly plentiful later on.

Once 30 are dead heal up and do the next quest at the Vault (Aiming for D.E.R.P.) to fight a boss. Kill the 2 enemies in the front and then beat up the boss. If your mage goes first you can simply use Chain Lightning on the front row and then kill the boss with the Warrior's Power Lunge and the Mage's regular attack, or Chain Lightning if he has the energy or multiple. You'll get an achievement after the fight.

Bring It On

Win a boss fight.

Bring It On
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Return to Spawn Point Village to finish the quest, and the summoning circle will be fixed, which means you can now make more characters to fill the last 3 seats. However, unlike the first 2 characters, you must pay for the last 3. I made a Rocker Dwarf Paladin in the far right seat and a Surfer Human Thief in the far left seat. I fought a few battles at The Vault against Undead Cashiers and then leveled them both to 5 at the Grinding Farm. Once you're ready, head to Spawn Point Village and take the Chest of Plenty quest. This quest is the first dungeon. Make sure you rest up to full before leaving. I also bought Medium Armor and a Large Shield for my Warrior. I also bought Red Stones for my Thief, and put some on the Mage as well, as the traps can do a ton of damage to them. I'd also fill the Warrior's trinket slots so he has something in every slot, unlocking an achievement if you haven't done so already.

Dress Up

Have a character fully equipped.

Dress Up
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Head to the Nearby Cave. You'll find some Bandits at the entrance. After beating them you'll be in the dungeon, and can take the quest and start the dungeon. What is in the rooms is random, and the layout of the rooms is random as well, so I can't give you much of a walkthrough for them. Generally, the rooms can be broken into a few categories.

Nothing - You get a short description of the room and nothing happens.

Treasure - You get some gold and/or items.

Enemies - You have to fight a battle.

Event - Something happens and you are given a choice of what to do. The outcome seems to be random for most of them, so I can't give you much help here either. The result could be bad or could be good.

Trap - You trigger a trap, and each character rolls a dice to see if they are affected. If they get a roll that's lower than the given range, they take damage.

Combination - It's possible to get a room with a trap and then an event, or a trap and then a fight. Bear in mind that if a trap gives you a status effect (like burn) and you get into a fight, you'll have the status effect during the fight, which can potentially completely screw you if your characters don't make saving throws against some of the rougher status effects (like confusion). I've actually gotten 2 traps and then a fight in the same room, though it's quite rare. Generally speaking, if you get an event after a trap you should just pick the option to ignore it to be safe.

You can't rest to heal in the dungeon, so it will be harder than anything you've done up until now. Since this is your first dungeon, don't bother testing your luck. If you run into an event room that, for example, asks you if you want to touch the chest or not simply say no and move on. Your first objective is finding the stairs down to the 2nd level, then keep checking rooms until you find the boss named Deno. Kill his minions with Chain Lightning and then gang up on the boss. You'll get an achievement when you're done.

Dungeon Delver

Clear all rooms in a dungeon.

Dungeon Delver
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Spawn Point Village

Ninjaing Around - Go back to the Nearby Dungeon, go to the second floor, and then explore until you get an event that starts with your party saying there are no ninjas. You'll be able to make ninjas now, and the quest is done. We can make a Ninja, and I suggest making that your 5th character. As for the "player" to use, I would suggest farming the 300 gold to buy the Bookworm player from the first magazine and using that. The reason being is that we need to max the bestiary for every monster, and you'll have to do a ton of farming when you're done with the story to max them all. The Bookworm player doubles how fast the bestiary fills, so having one from now on would greatly cut down the time grinding later on. I didn't do it and wish I had by the time I was done farming. A lot of enemies I wouldn't have had to farm at all if I was using a Bookworm player because I was higher than 50% on them (meaning with the Bookworm, it would have been maxed). Also, none of the other player choices that are left are that amazing anyway. To get the gold go to the Grinding Farm and beat up Scarecrows, then use the Scarecrows to get the Ninja to level 6 or so.

A Pound of Rock - Go back to Nearby Cave, you'll fight this enemy at the entrance. Kill his two allies and then kill the boss.

Meadows Side Quests

Account Ant - Simply agree to join the guild to finish the quest and get a unique item, of which you need 10 for an achievement. Mystic Compass. This makes the special events happen more often...not needed for an achievement, but I did it anyway.

The Vault Side Quests

Occupy Vault Street - I picked no and had to fight 5 Undead Cashiers, that finished the quest.

Back in Spawn Point Village take the Big Town Business quest. Before starting this, I would suggest heading to Grinding Farm and farming a bit of money, unless you have 200 gold at this point. If so go into the Game Room and buy the Bear Rug under the Rugs category. This will boosts everyone's max hp by 20. I know that probably doesn't sound like fun after grinding for the Bookworm and such, but the boss at Nameless Bridge can be a pain in the butt or easy because he does so much damage in one hit, it can kill your backline in one hit. The extra 20 HP and the Red Stones you bought before the dungeon should stop this from happening. You can also pick up the Black Leather Sofa for 100 gold in the Sofa category to get 2 damage reduction, this will also help a tiny bit. When you're ready, head to the Nameless Bridge. As for the actual fight, you'll want to have both your paladin and warrior using their threat abilities to stop that from happening. The rest should use their usual attacks. If you're lucky the ninja will stun the troll, and you could even finish the fight without getting hit once. When you beat him head to Big Town.

Big Town Side Quests

I Have No Words for This - You might want to wait a bit to do this one. It's a "protect" quest where you get an item and need to take it somewhere, and each place you pass on the way forces a battle. This quest starts in the Meadows, and then you need to go across the Nameless Bridge to get to Big Town. The problem is that these fights take a random mix of local enemies, and the Nameless Bridge has a level 27 enemy that could potentially be in the fight. I was able to beat him but he hit very hard (42 damage to my Warrior) so it might not be worth the risk right now.

Next, take the main quest Papery Clue. You need to fight 3 Fowlbears. This is the first enemy in the bestiary that has a size bigger than S/M. You cannot fight 5 at once, only 3. I wouldn't farm for the bestiary now, though you certainly can. I actually stopped farming for the bestiary at this point, and only killed what I needed to kill. You'll fight a lot of random enemies while traveling and through quests, so you may end up with a lot of overkill. I also started finding battles to be quite easy now that I had my full party, so fighting for the extra experience and gold didn't seem as important. What I did do though is get the Miniature Games tab so I could face the max amount of enemies in each battle (7 S/M, 5 for L enemies, and 3 for XL).

The next story quest is Cross Marks the Spot. You'll face some Thieves, which shouldn't be much of a problem at this point. Next, you'll face some Thieves and Green Ooze. The Ooze enemies heal every turn, and sometimes heal themselves for more on their turn, but do enough damage to be more of a threat than what you're used to. After that take the next quest, Shady Tavern. After some scenes, you'll be told to craft the key. First head into the shop and buy a Coin Purse and Glasses (unless you have them of course). Then select the cauldron icon in the menu, which is the crafting button. You'll see a bunch of recipes. The items you need are on the left, and the item they make is on the right. Scroll down to the silver key with slime on it, and make it. The next objective is the Sewer area. You'll face a Green Ooze at the entrance. You'll face a White Pudding next, and then some Ocular Tentacles. Return to town to finish the quest.

I picked up the Physics Project (Shelves) for 150 gold for the +2 spell damage and the Race Car Track (200) under Sports Games for the 5 health/energy heal after each battle. If you've bought everything I've suggested so far you'll get an achievement. If you didn't you can buy something in the categories you have nothing in to unlock this one.

Feng Shui Master

Acquire 5 pieces of Game Room furniture.

Feng Shui Master
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Take Password Citadel, the next quest. You'll be sent to a new area called the Tower of Brass. The Mushroom Gnomes you might have to fight on the way there can heal enemies, so make sure to kill them quick. You'll face Mushroom Gnomes for the quest once you get there, and then face Mushroom Gnomes with some Giant Beetles for the next step. The final step is against a boss, with some Mushroom Gnomes. Take the Mushroom Gnomes down first and then slaughter the boss. Take the side quest Just a Peek... here. You'll face a bunch of Boosted Bandits, and then the quest will finish. Now take the main quest To the Wall, Pt 1 and leave. You'll be asked to leave the door locked or not, and I chose to leave the door open. Pick up the next story quest To the Wall, Pt 2 and go to The Wall, the new area that opens up. Complete the quest. The Graveyard and Swamp areas open up now. The final investigation prize for the Graveyard is a Three-Handed Sword, which is exactly what it sounds like. Your Warrior can use it since he's a Jock player, and it's a great weapon for him, so I suggest grabbing it.

Big Town Side Quests

Freedom for Gnomes - Head to Tower of Brass and you'll need to fight a bunch of Boosted Bandits, and then head back to Big Town to finish it.

Band of Bandits - You'll need to kill a bunch of Boosted Bandits in town, and then you'll face another group of bandits.

Neutralizing the Slime - You'll face 1 slime, and then 2, and then 3. Then the quest is done.

The Wall Side Quests

New PW - Head to the Tower of Brass, where you'll fight the boss again, the same strategy applies.

I bought the Stone Table from the Tables tab (-2 enemy damage reduction) and the Arcade Machine for +2% Critical at this point. The next story quest is Zeroth Point, which is also the name of the next area you need to go to. You'll complete the quest when you reach the area. Take the next quest, New Technology. You need to head back to The Wall. You have to fight enemies on the way, and I had some Crowkins and Snow Golems. Once you reach The Wall you can finish that quest and start Hasty Task. You'll be sent back to Zeroth Point, I had to fight 3 Cubic Jelly on the way. Next story quest is Monks of NaN and sends you to the Plains of NULL. You'll fight some Vowelrines on the way. I had to fight some Cubic Jelly once I got there, and then you'll get your next objective, the second dungeon of the game: Temple of Broken Balance. When you get there, you'll finish the quest and get an item called Mystic's Robe. This item has a green background instead of blue like your Mystic Compass. I have no clue if it counts as a unique item because I had the achievement already (investigated every area just because). Either way, it's great armor for your Mage.

Start the new story quest The Temple for a fight with some Ooze enemies, including a new one that is black. It heals 25 HP a turn. Feel free to spam skills, as you can leave and rest up and return to do the real dungeon at full HP and energy. While you're in town, pick up a bunch of potions. For some silly reason, the potions are dirt cheap, costing a mere 10 gold each. The potions restore 75 HP/energy each, which means the energy potions are a full refill for everyone but the Mage and Paladin. Buy a bunch of each, and bring any food you have (I had a bunch of random food I hadn't used since I could rest whenever I wanted). I actually bought 20 of each which is probably overkill but if you get unlucky and get a lot of trap/monster rooms and don't find the stairs and back entrance quick you might need it.

Once you're ready it's time for the actual dungeon. As per the last one, you'll want to rush through and avoid entering extra rooms once you find the stairs. You might run into the entrance to your current objective (which will start another fight with Oozes), but you have to find the back entrance, which is downstairs. Once you find the stairs head down to level 2 and look for the back entrance. The stairs down to level 2 are just a > on the map, not the stairs icon from the last dungeon. For level 2 you're looking for a room with a strong evil, which will be the boss. Kill his minions and then kill him. His regular attacks can cause confusion with a critical. Since this is likely the first time you'll face it, keep this in mind when you face enemies that can confuse your party: NEVER have a confused character attack. Have them hide or use a potion. If you have a confused Mage use Chain Lightning, he'll likely hit your entire party for a ton of damage and probably kill 2-3 characters. So just don't take the chance. Once you beat him you'll be at the Mountains of Accent area. Take the Mountains of Accent quest. You'll face 3 groups of Undead Pixel/Dead Pixels with no break in-between. Then you can complete the quest and take the next one: The Paper Gang.

This is a boss fight, and I don't think it's possible to win. Have the Ninja throw out a Stun Bomb every turn and you'll likely survive with everyone alive. After 3-4 turns, the fight ended automatically for me. Start the next quest, The Artifact. Head to Big Town and you'll have to fight a bunch of Boosted Bandits...which shouldn't be hard at all at this point.

Zeroth Point Side Quests

Vowelrine Problem - You'll have to kill Vowelrines. (I had to kill 7) You'll have to fight two groups since you can only have 5 at most, even with the Miniature Table.

Vowels - You need 10 Vowels, which drop from Vowelrines. Yes, you need to fight a bunch more.

Red Dye - Head to the Mountains of Accent It's a protect mission so you'll have to fight 2 enemies groups on the way, but nothing you haven't fought already. You'll get a unique item called the Blade Shield when you get there, which I gave to my Paladin.

Big Town Side Quests

Obligatory Barroom Brawl - You'll have to fight a few Boosted Bandits, easy.

Graveyard Side Quests

Grave Goods - You'll be attacked in the Graveyard. After the fight, the quest is done.

Start the story quest Reorientation. This quest is part of one of the DLC packs in the game. Thankfully they are part of the Deluxiest Edition so you only need to pay in-game gold to complete them. You need to do all the DLC packs for the enemies they have to fill out the bestiary. I actually did this quest line much later in the game because I originally thought the DLC wasn't required, so if you struggle with it now you can simply wait until later to do it like I did. If so, skip to the Cartographering quest further down. Anyway, you'll fight two suspicious looking turtles, then finish that quest. Start Directions of No Value. Head to the Plains of NAN and select quest for a scene and finish the quest. Next start Ambushido! and head to The Vault. You'll face some Unseen Servants and some more Kappas. Now start Taking the Low Road to fight some enemies. Choose the quest again to fight 3 groups of regular enemies with Kappa in them. Once that's done take the Oriented Express quest. Head to Bamboo forest to finish it and take Bamboo Barrier. You will be prompted to buy the Fist of +1 Fury DLC from the second magazine, you need to do this to continue. Now start the quest Clearing Things Up and head to Orienting Village and finish the quest. Take Save Our Village! and kill the requested Pannacotta Warriors. Complete the quest and then take The Road to Wisdom, Pt. 1. Go to Bamboo Forest where you'll face 3 groups of enemies. A few Kappa, but mostly a new enemy called Giant Toad. After the 3rd fight, you'll finish the quest. Take the new one The Road to Wisdom, Pt. 2 and head to the new area called Monastery. For the quest, you'll need to defeat some Na Initiates. Be careful with how many you fight, as the battlefield condition here is that enemies ignore threats. If you aren't overleveled you'll likely get smashed trying to fight 5+ because there is nothing stopping them from ganging up on your Mage/Thief/Ninja. After you finish that part of the quest you'll have to do it again, and then you'll finish the quest.

Take the quest Behold the Bowl and head to Bamboo Forest. You'll have to face some Giant Toads. The next step will start 3 fights, with Flying Monkeys and the last fight is against a boss, and that will finish the quest. Start the next quest, Banana Split. You'll have to farm bananas from the enemies here. I fought Giant Toads. Note the battlefield condition stops your attacks that hit adjacent targets from doing exactly that, so you have to focus enemies down one at a time here, which is quite annoying. Using the Go Set game room item that makes adjacent enemy abilities hit everyone doesn't work either. Once you get them, you can finish the quest and you'll get a unique item called Bowl of Plenty. Now take the quest One Down and head back to the Monastery, and fight more Na Initiates. With that done take Threw the Looking Glass. Stop in Bamboo Forest for a fight. I came here over-leveled and beat the "boss", not sure if you're supposed to lose to it though, the way the dialog is written it sounds like you're supposed to lose. Once that fight is over head back to Orienting Town to finish the quest, start Missing Mirror and head to Bamboo Forest to finish it. Start On the Road Again for a fight and then you'll finish that, start On the Road to Paperos. Head to The Vault and fight more Pennacotta Warriors to finish the quest. Take Our Finest Attraction and go to Spawn Point Village and fight some Kappa to finish it. Take the quest Back to Big Town and head to Big Town. You'll have to fight more Pennacotta Warriors, and then you can finish that quest. Take To the Rescue and then head to the Graveyard for a fight with some Kappas. After that head back to Big Town to finish the quest. Take the quest Ori-Gami or Bust. This is an escort quest to Orienting Village, which means you'll have to fight enemies at every area you pass by, and you go through quite a few areas.

Once you get back to Orienting Village, you'll get the unique item Mirror of Inward Reflection. Now take the quest Take the Mirror Challenge. These enemies can hit you with random status effects, so watch out for confusion. Once they're dead the quest is done and you can take the next one, called Mirror Delivery. Head to the Monastery and fight more Na Initiates...after that, the quest is done, take Lord of All Monsters. Head to the Steam Flats. After a scene, you'll get the unique item called Sword of Gin-Su. Now take the quest The Sober Way. Head to Bamboo Forest and you'll fight some Giant Toads and that will finish the quest. Take Viper Style and fight vipers (surprise!) to finish the quest. Next, take Monkey Style and you'll fight 2 waves of Flying Monkeys. Then head to the Monastery and take Sobering News and fight Na Initiates yet again to finish it. Take Getting into the Spirit and head to Orienting Village, and fight some Pennacotta Warriors to finish it. Take Knocking on Oni Lord's Door and heal up/buy potions and such and then head into the Spirit Fortress, and watch the scene and finish the quest. Take Into the Labyrinth and get ready for a dungeon.

This dungeon is like most dungeons. Spam potions to get through it quickly. The process is the same, find the stairs down. When you find a room that the game tells you is a gate, you'll fight some enemies and then the room with the stairs should be next to the gate room. At the gate of the 3rd floor is the boss. Once you've beaten him head to Orienting Village and take Special Delivery and head to Big Town.

Orienting Village Side Quests

Vowel Wranglers - Head all the way to Zeroth point and kill Vowelrines until you get 5 vowels, then return to Orienting Village to finish it.

Monastery Side Quests

The Wayward Monks - Head all the way to the Plains of NULL, and then go all the way back to the Monastery to finish it.

The Missing Monk - Head to the Red Wastes. Now travel to Bamboo Forest and fight Flying Monkeys to get enough teas (and enjoy the fact none of your AoE attacks work). Now head back to the Red Wastes, fighting a battle every step of the way since this is randomly an escort quest. Once you've reached the Red Wastes, you'll be sent to the Monastery, where you'll finally finish the quest.

Start the story quest Cartographering in Big Town. You'll be sent to a new area called Polyhedron Islands. You'll then be sent to the Airship Docks, and you finish the quest here. Start the next one, Flying Ships!. You'll fight some Air Pirates, and then you'll be sent to the Air Pirate Ship. This place is quite annoying because in any fight each character has to beat a senses roll or they are stunned. I've even had my entire party be stunned during the same turn once or twice. Anyway once you get to the Air Pirate Ship you'll finish the quest and can start Ace of the Aces. Now head to the Laboratory. When prompted choose to NOT turn off the brain.

Laboratory Side Quests

Light up my HP - You have to go all the way to the Swamp to fight some Gnolls to finish the quest.

Air Pirate Ship Side Quests

Three Dee - I chose we want to stop blatantly ripping off other games. The quest finished.

D is for Defeat Monster - Head to the Meadows to fight the monster. The boss has some Bees with him, but these level 11 enemies can be killed quite quickly as this point. The boss wasted his turns summoning another bee enemy, so the fight was quite easy for me. You get a Red Icosahedron from it, which is a unique item. Select the quest option and then head back to the Air Pirate Ship.

D is for Death - I chose to accuse the cook when prompted and had to fight a bunch of Flying Monkeys. Then I chose to investigate the navigator, which gave me the Blue Icosahedron, which is also unique and finished the quest.

D might be for Da Treasure - You complete the quest without doing anything. However, you will randomly get a scene that leads to a fight against the Moon-Beasts you can fight in the Steam Flats. After you win you'll get the Green Icosahedron, which is a unique item like the other two. This event happened in Spawn Point Village for me, but it was after I had already passed through it a few times already, so not sure what specifically triggers it. Around this time I was able to level a skill to 15. The Warrior's Cleave is the one I hit 15 with first, which will give you an achievement. Due to random encounters and events, you might get it before or after me, but it should be around this time.


Assign 15 skills points in a single skill.

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Big Town Side Quests

Making a New Friend - Head to the Steam Flats and you'll finish the quest after a scene.

Steam Flats Side Quests

Tarasquerade - Head to Plains of Null and beat a bunch of Vowelrines, then head back to the Steam Flats. You'll get a Tarasque Scale, which is a unique item.

Now start the story quest Time Travel! in the Laboratory. Head to the new area called The Past and finish the quest. Now start Discovering the Past. You'll have to fight a bunch of Cavemen. Head to the new area called Red Wastes. After a scene, you'll finish the quest.

Red Wastes Side Quest

Barbarian Times - You'll have to face a Barbarian and 2 Cavemen. The boss attacks twice and does pretty good damage. He can also cleave like your Warrior can, so using the Ninja to stunlock him is quite important. Once you beat him you'll unlock the Barbarian class.

Graveyard Side Quest

Trolling for Favors - Head to the Nameless Bridge. You'll have to fight a few trolls, then head back to the Graveyard to finish the quest.

Executive Recruiting - You'll be sent to the swamp to fight a bunch of swamp bandits, and then you'll face a bunch of boosted bandits and a boss you've fought before.

Sneaking Sensation - You'll be sent to the Mountains of Accent. You'll fight Gnolls, and then you'll be sent to the Deep Forest (which you might have already found due to an event).

Steam Flats Side Quests

Crouching D Hidden Tarasque - Head to Spawn Point Village and then you'll be sent back to Steam Flats, where I had to fight one of the big D enemies. You'll get a Tarasque Claw, which is a unique item. This should be your 10th unique item, unless you got more from the events, or investigated some areas, which means you'll get this achievement.


Find 10 unique items.

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Swamp Side Quests

Light up my HP - I chose to help the bunnies. Afterward, head back to the Laboratory to finish the quest.

Take the story quest in the Red Wastes called Printing Business, or not? I chose Yes, the printed version is as good. Head to The Past to finish that quest and then take Back to the Past. You'll have to face a boss and some Giant Flytraps and Cavemen. Take the next quest, Last March. Head to the Steam Flats to finish the quest. Take the next one, The End is Nigh! This is a rough boss fight, followed by a second one. You'll need to go to Steam Flats. The first boss fight should be familiar. The boss does good damage with his regular attacks, and can also use a "cleave" sort of attack that does low damage but gives every character a random condition. Needless to say, this can cause major problems if multiple people are confused. Your Warrior or Paladin getting hit with rage could stop them from building threat, and stun is obviously awful as well.

Deal with the bosses' peons first, and then blitz the boss. This is one of the few fights in the game where I chugged HP and energy potions during battle, and I suggest you do the same. Once you've beaten him you'll have to face a new boss. He punches the ground on his turn and this summons 2 enemies in front of him as well as damaging someone. The ideal strategy is to only kill the enemies in the front if they are strong and leave the weak enemies alive like the Troglodytes and Vipers in front of him and then beat up the boss. The Warrior's Power Lunge, the Ninja's Shadow Chain, and the Mage's Chain Lightning can all hit the boss without hurting the enemies in the front row. Once this boss is dead you'll get an achievement.

Hero’s Journey

Complete the main storyline.

Hero’s Journey
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Nameless Bridge Side Quests

The Horseror - You'll be sent to the Graveyard, where you'll finish the quest. Start the next quest with the same name and you'll fight 2 fights. Next head to the Lost Island, for a fight. Then head to the Nameless Bridge to finish the quest and get a Chainmail Bikini, which is a unique item.

Big Town Side Quests

The Sushi Express - Head to Orienting Village. After the scene, you'll need to make a Sushi Roll which takes Fish, Lettuce and Rice, which you can buy from the shop. Head back to Big Town afterward.

Deep Forest Side Quests

RU-XPerienced - Head to the Tower of Brass, take the quest and head to The Sewer.

Sewer Side Quests

Big Night in Big Town - You'll fight 3 battles and then be done.

Zeroth Point Side Quests

The Stolen One - Head to Plains of NULL and then go back to Zeroth Point to finish this quest.

Start the next quest Order of the Munchkin. Head to Big Town and then choose to ask people. You'll fight the barbarian again, and that will finish the quest. Now start Power of the Montage. I noticed I could buy Enchantment Scroll +5 now. Buy one and then combine it with a regular item (not blue or green) to get an achievement. Some options would be a dagger for your Thief, a Warhammer for your Ninja, or the armor of your Paladin or Warrior. Of course, if you had a shit ton of gold like me you could do more than one thing. Up to you. You'll get this after enchanting one item.

Crafting +5

Craft equipment with a +5 enchantment.

Crafting +5
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Also if you're rolling in cash like me, you can investigate 5 areas fully to get an achievement. If you like, you can check the investigation page to find which areas have unique items. I would actually suggest investigating Spawn Point Village, and Zeroth Point at the very least for the unique items since they will be needed for bosses. You also want to investigate The Great Paywall and keep the Pound of Rocks. Then you can search whatever other places you want to get the achievement.

I’m Just Looking

Fully investigate 5 areas.

I’m Just Looking
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Head to a town with a crafting station like Big Town and put 3 Pound of Rocks in the slots, and craft them to get an achievement.

Mad Scientist

Why don't you try crafting something... interesting?

Mad Scientist
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Advance the quest and head to the Steam Flats. You'll have to kill some Zoggoths and then you'll be sent back to Big Town to finish it. Now take The First Mission and head to the Mountains of Accent. You'll have a fight, and then a scene and another fight and that will finish it. Now head to the Nameless Bridge and take the quest Quest for the Staff. Head to the Laboratory and answer Paperian or Zerothian fowlbear. Next head to the Red Wastes. You'll have to face some Trollodytes, note that the red one actually does a ton of damage. He did 145 damage to my warrior with a critical, so keep everyone healed up. The quest is done when he dies. Now take The Old Master. Head to Big Town, and you'll be sent to The Past. You can finish the quest here.

The Past Side Quests

Staff for the Old Man - You'll fight a boss later that references this quest, and the dialog seems to indicate the boss is much stronger because you finish this quest, so perhaps it'd be best to avoid it. I was able to win that fight pretty easily either way though.

Now take Tomb of the Semilich and head to the Graveyard. A new area will open up, called Ancient Tomb. It's a dungeon, so the typical dungeon stuff applies. Head to the dungeon and finish the quest, then start the next one called Tomb of Roteleks. It felt like this dungeon had more rooms than previous dungeons, and the enemies are pretty strong. You definitely want a bunch of potions before you head down here. There were multiple times in this dungeon where I got 2 traps and then a fight in the same room, and there are tons of traps, it feels pretty unfair. It also has 3 levels. I had 20 HP and energy potions and I almost ran out, so make sure you stock up with more than that. On the third floor, you'll find a room with a scene about a squirrel book and that's the boss fight. He attacks twice and does high damage (62 a hit to my Paladin), and can also use that hand dropping attack that causes a random condition. Once he's dead, head to Plains of NULL and take the quest Adventure Calls Collect. Head to the Tower of Brass to fight some enemies and finish the quest, then take Explosive News. Head to the Nameless Bridge for a fight to finish the quest, then take Under New Management. I just paid him cause I have too much gold right now anyway. That will finish the quest and then you can head to the new area, The Great Paywall and finish the quest. Start Noob Sensations. You'll have to fight some Elite Guards, and then you'll finish that quest and can take Where Be Dragons? You'll have to fight a boss of sorts, and then that quest will be done.

The Great Paywall Side Quests

Knight School - You'll have a fight and then be sent to the Nameless Bridge. I chose to just pay the toll. Head to the Meadows and start the quest to fight the Knight again. You'll unlock the Knight class afterward.

Head back to The Great Paywall and start Paying the Price. You'll be prompted to buy the Here Be Dragons DLC in the 3rd magazine to proceed. Start the Expandria Your Horizons quest. Head to Expandria Castle. You'll face some Elite Guards and then finish the quest. Start the next one and you'll have to face some Pestering Jesters. The main thing to note is that they can throw a Big Bomb that will damage one party members and give that member and the ones adjacent to a status effect. Once they're dead the quest will finish. Start Dragon Up the Past. You'll have to fight a dragon. He attacks twice, and the battlefield conditions forbid reviving, and every turn the dragon will transfer a status effect on him to one of your party members. I was able to kill him before he got a second attack though with the usual strategy. One thing to note is that if you apply stun to him AFTER he has used his turn when the next round of combat starts he will give the condition to one of your characters. Use initiative boosting trinkets to have the Ninja act before the dragon if you struggle. You'll finish the quest (and get the unique item Gauntlets of Strength) and can take the next one, Mucking About the Marsh. Head to the Naughty Marsh, you need 6 onions from the enemies here. The Attack Beavers here deserve a special mention. They work like Barbarians, which means they keep attacking until they don't get a critical hit. They can absolutely wreck your party in big numbers (I got rolled the first time I tried to fight 5) so if you have to fight any on the way there make sure to kill them quick.

Once you have the onions head back to Expandria Castle. Start the quest Smell-o Again and you'll face a bunch of Elite Guards, and that will finish the quest. Start Minty Mystery and go to Naughty Marsh and kill Pugbears to finish the quest. Start up Herbal Remedies, but note that once you select quest you'll have to face some Attack Beavers, and that will complete the quest. Now start The Pugbearers and you'll fight some Pugbears and then some Pugbears and Attack Beavers. After that the quest is done, take What We Mint to Say and you'll have to kill some Attack Beavers to finish the quest. Dragon Daily Double is the next quest, but rest up before you fight it. It'll be like the last dragon fight aside from two things. There's a Battlefield Condition that gives a member another status effect when they get hit with one (and the first two battlefield conditions return) and the dragon has a breath attack that hits everyone for massive damage and gives them all a condition (and another because of the battlefield condition). Needless to say, you want to try and kill him as quickly as possible or he will wipe your party easily, stunning him is very important. Once he is dead the quest is done and you'll get the unique item Boots of Speed. This gives a massive boost to initiative, so you want to make sure you keep them.

Naughty Marsh Side Quests

Brewing Trouble - You'll be sent to the Meadows to fight Spideys. They do a lot of damage and their initiative means they'll probably all attack before you, so fighting a bunch at once can be very risky. The one weakness they have is they have much lower HP than anything you've been facing. What you can try is put the Boots of Speed on the Mage and then initiative stuff on your Warrior so they get a turn early. Chain Lightning+Cleave will wipe out a full row and will make 5/7 enemies at once easy.

Bitter Botany - Head to The Past. I chose Death Knights. After the fight head back to the Naughty Marsh to finish the quest.

Batter Up - Head to the Nearby Cave where you'll fight some Moon-Beasts and Infernal Sludge. After the fight, the Cave Bat will appear and you'll get it. Head back to the Naughty Marsh to finish the quest.

Now take Dragonmint Express. Head back to Expandria Castle to fight some more Pestering Jesters and finish the quest.

Expandria Castle Side Quests

Cross Words - You'll have to face some Pestering Jesters and the quest will be done.

Stolen Words - Head to Big Town, you'll have to fight some Bigger Bandits and then the quest will be done.

Big Town Side Quests

Crossed Guards - Head back to Expandria Castle and you'll fight some Elite Guards, and then finish the quest.

Now start Back to the Wall. Head to The Great Paywall and you'll face some Elite Guards. Afterward, the quest is done. Now take the quest Guarded Answers. Head to Expandria Castle, you'll have to fight some more Pestering Jesters to finish the quest. Take A Bridge Too Familiar and head to the Nameless Bridge. I paid, as usual, this will finish the quest. Take Back in Brass and head to the Tower of Brass, you'll have to fight some beetle enemies, and then you can finish the quest. Start Alchemical Reaction and you'll have to fight some Display Beasts and Giant Beetles. Now head to the Swamp and you'll have to fight some Vorpal Bunnies, the quest will finish afterward. Take Swamped with Fear. You'll fight some Gnolls and then finish the quest. Take Slay, Lady, Slay. I have no clue what happens here. I accidentally exited the game during the dialog and when I came back the Taxerdermist showed up and told me the quest was done and talked about dragon skulls, so I assume there was supposed to be a dragon fight and the game bugged. Either way, the next quest is in Big Town. Head to Expandria Castle to finish it, then start Winds of Change. Buy these before leaving: 2 Beverages, 2 Energy Drinks, and 2 Magic Mushrooms. Head to the Airship Docks to finish the quest.

Take Trading Blows and you'll fight some Air Pirates and a boss, which is an easy fight. The quest will finish afterward, take Crafty Negotiators. Head to Big Town and select the quest button, then make 2 Miracle Concoctions and then talk to the guy again to finish the quest. Take Seal the Deal and go back to the Airship Docks, you'll have to fight some Air Pirates on the way. At the docks, you'll finish the quest, take Off the Charts and go to the Red Wastes to finish it. Now start Rough Air Ahead. You'll fight some Dust Devils. You'll then be in Expandria Castle and finish the quest. Now take Sparkle Motions. you'll be sent to another dungeon, so stock up on potions and such. When you're ready, head to Crystal Caverns and fight the Spideys to finish the quest. Take Bit of Trouble and go into the dungeon. Your goal is the 3rd floor, and the boss is quite strong. She attacks twice and it does a lot of damage. You'll want to make sure your Warrior and Paladin are using their threat abilities or he will wreck your backline, so try to stunlock her as always. Once she's dead you'll finish the quest, take the next one and head to the Naughty Marsh. You'll complete that quest. Take Grim and Grimmer for a boss fight. They are basically Pestering Jesters, except they do more damage with their regular attacks. You'll finish the quest when you beat them.

Now start We Have a Few Questions. You'll have to fight some Pestering Jesters on the way to Expandria Castle. When you get there you'll have to kill a bunch of Pestering Jesters to finish the quest. Take the next quest, The Guarded Past. Head to The Great Paywall and fight the Elite Guards, then go back to Expandria Castle to finish the quest. Start Skull Collectors and head to Naughty Marsh. You'll face a bunch of Skeletons and Death Knights, then head back to Expandria Castle to finish the quest. Stock back up on potions because it's time for another dungeon. Start The Punchline and head to Crystal Caverns and take the quest again, and do the dungeon. During this dungeon one of my characters hit level 40, giving me an achievement.


Reach Level 40.

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

Anyway, same process as last time. Look for the stairs down to the next floor, and on floor 3 wander through the rooms until you find the boss, another dragon. His breath causes confusion and does a lot of damage, and he attacks twice a turn. I blitzed him as fast as I could. If you're lucky and he doesn't use the breath on the first turn, you should be able to kill him in the second turn. If he does you'll probably have to deal with a bunch of confused characters, so burn potions or use hide until they cure themselves. Once you beat him you'll get the unique item Helmet of Power, take the new quest Wall to Wall Dragons and you'll have to fight a bunch of Ice Trolls. Once you win you'll complete the quest and can start the next one, which is another fight with Ice Trolls. Once you win it finishes and you can start the next one, The Blame Game. Head to Expandria Castle and you'll have to fight 3 groups of Elite Guard and Pestering Jesters, then you'll finish the quest. Now take Bigger Problems and head to Naughty Marsh and kill the Bigger Bandits, this will finish the quest. Now take That's a Neat Trick.

Head to Big Town and make the Dragonslayer Ring. It takes a Ring of Mind (shop in Big Town), Dragonmint (I've gotten these from Bigger Bandit, Pugbear, Attack Beavers), and a Dragon Statue (shop in Expandria Castle). Once you've made one head to Expandria Castle. Don't take the next quest until you're ready. It's a dragon fight in the airship, and it has the battlefield condition that potentially stuns your party every turn. You'll need to dig the Enchanted Cushion out of your storage and put it on the Ninja. This gives him immunity to stun, and that means the battlefield condition won't stop the Ninja from stunning the boss. The boss is otherwise the same as the usual ones. Keep him stunned with the Ninja and use the other character's most powerful attacks to beat the boss. I'd put the Dragonslayer Ring on the Warrior and have him use Power Lunge.

When you beat it you'll be back in Expandria Castle and have the unique item Chromatic Pendant, take the next quest Dragon Family Matters. Head to the Red Wastes, then go back to Expandria Castle to finish the quest. Now take The X Factor quest and head to the Tower of Brass, then head to Expandria Castle to finish the quest. Now start Happily Ever After and it'll finish after a scene.

Expandria Castle Side Quests

The Prodigal One - You'll be sent to the Swamp where it will finish.

Dragon Her Home - Go to Big Town, then go to the Red Wastes and take the quest again for a fight with Zoggoths. Then you'll be sent to Expandria where the quest will finish.

A Home for All Dragons - Go to Naughty Marsh and kill the Bigger Bandits, then the quest will be done.

Red Wastes Side Quests

Snow Way - Go to The Wall. You'll have a fight with 5 mimics. It's VERY IMPORTANT you only kill 4 and then run until the bestiary is full. There is no place you can choose to fight a bunch of them, you have to encounter them in a dungeon. There's one dungeon with 1 guaranteed spawn, and other than that you have to hope for events that involve a mimic, so it really needs to be done here to save yourself time later. Once the bestiary is full kill them all to finish the quest.

The Wall Side Quests

Cone Interrupted - You'll have to fight some trolls, then the quest finishes.

Snow Cone - Go and go to the Red Wastes to finish the quest.

Head to Plains of NULL and take the quest Pronunciation. This boss gets FOUR attacks a turn, can hit you with an attack that can hit everyone and give them conditions and does a lot of damage. Stun cheese is the way to go here.

Now take the quest called The Rift (I believe it won't show up until you buy the DLC Back to the Source from the 4th magazine). Head to the Meadows then go to the Upper Tunnels and take the quest Upper Tunnels. Dive into the dungeon, which will have low-level enemies in it. Look for the wisp on each floor, then take the stairs to the next one. When you find it on the 3rd floor, you'll be sent to the Central Tunnels, and you'll unlock an achievement even though we haven't actually explored everywhere.

The Explorer

Visit every location in the game.

The Explorer
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Sadly we aren't done here, but we're going to come back here later. There's an enemy on the 8th/9th level we need for the bestiary and another enemy in the 9th and "10th" level of this dungeon we need. We'll be back here later when we're a little more prepared.

The only thing you might have left is the Pale Dragon quest, which comes from an event and features a dragon that is stronger than all the ones you've fought. The reward is great but not particularly useful this late in the game. Head to Big Town and enter the tavern. You can put the Paladin in the tavern and then make a new character in his chair. Make a character that is a Female Dwarf Paladin, which will give you an achievement.

Cosplay Is In My Veins

Experiment creating different character combinations.

Cosplay Is In My Veins
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Remove her from the party and make a new character, none of the choices really matter. I made a Knight and used them for the rest of the game, but it doesn't matter too much. If you didn't make the Ninja a Bookworm player, make this character a Bookworm. You're going to go through the bestiary now and fill the pages. Refer to the bestiary page for the location of everything. I'd put initiative gear on the Thief and Mage so they can go early and wipe out the enemies quick, at least until you're facing enemies with a level near yours. As your new 5th character levels put 4 points in each skill. Once they all have 4 points in them you'll get an achievement.

Many Talents

Assign 4 points in all four skills.

Many Talents
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerLevel

A side quest in the laboratory popped up for me now called Beast Quest when I finished the Upper Tunnels, once you've filled the first bestiary page you can go take it. It should finish after the scene, then take Virtual Reality, Pt. 1. You'll be sent to Polyhedron Islands to get apples, you can actually just buy them if you want, but you likely don't have the bestiary maxed for Vorpal Bunnies and Flying Monkeys. Start with Vorpal Bunnies until that bestiary entry is full, then do Flying Monkeys, hopefully filling the bestiary while you're here. Head back to the Laboratory when you've got 10 apples. You'll fight 4 old bosses, who will pose no challenge at this point. They will have higher HP than they did when we first fought them but they never resisted my Ninja's Stun Bomb, so it was an easy fight.

With that done work on the 2nd page. There are a few things that will pose an issue. The first is the XY, X2, Dog and Dragon enemies, as they can only be fought in the Temple of Broken Balance dungeon. I had to run the dungeon 4-5 times to get 100% on them all, but that was before I realized there is a much simpler way to do it. When you're in a fight with enemies you need, kill the ones you need and then run when there is one enemy left, or only enemies you already maxed the bestiary for. Go back to the room and there will be another fight. The only catch is the enemies might change, so you might have to run immediately and then try again for enemies, but it's much faster than running the dungeon over and over again and you won't have to deal with trap rooms and crap like that. If you didn't grind Mimics during the quest I mentioned, this is also the best place for them. There's a guaranteed mimic fight on the 2nd floor as the "boss". Kill the Mimic, run, go back to the room, repeat.

The Kappas and Giant Toad will be a pain because the only place to fight them whenever is Bamboo Forest, whose battlefield condition forbids attacks that hit adjacent enemies, and it also stops attacks that hit rows. This means you'll have to kill them one at a time, which makes it take much longer, though the fights won't be hard. The reason there are 4 Kappa entries in the Bestiary is that each mask color is its own enemy, and therefore each has an entry.

The last is the Oni and Naga, who can only be fought in the Spirit Fortress. However these are the only two enemies in this dungeon, so you should be able to fill up the bestiary quite quickly using the same trick you do in the Temple of Broken Balance.

When that's all done, head to the Laboratory and start Virtual Reality, Pt. 2. You'll need 20 Sausages and be sent to Big Town, just buy 20 from the shop and head back. You'll face 3 bosses. Smoke Bomb didn't work as well so I used Shadow Chain to stun the bosses and focus them down one by one, but the fight was still pretty simple. Now start Virtual Reality: Ori-Gami. Head to the Monastery for a boss fight with 5 enemies. Don't bother with Smoke Bomb, it only ever worked on the shadow for me. The Naga can use a cleave attack that gives everyone confusion, so go for her first. Next up take out the shadow as it has low HP, then go for the Flying Monkey. Then kill the rest. Heal up and check the quest icon for another boss fight. They can all stun with critical hits, and critical hit often. Smoke Bomb is useless again, so use Shadow Chain to stun one and focus them down one by one.

Next up is page 3. The only issue here is the Flying Sword, Infernal Sludge and Death Knight, which can only be found in the Ancient Tomb. The running trick works well here too. When the page is filled head back to the Laboratory and take Virtual Reality, Pt. 3. Go to Big Town and make a Pizza (you can find the Dough, Cheese, and Tomato in the shop). You'll be sent to the wall, then you'll be sent back to the Laboratory. The boss fight can be a bit rough. I went for the barbarian first since he can get critical hits and wreck you. Then I went for the Astral Goose, as he can heal. The other two can be killed in whatever order.

Finally, we're left with page 4. To start with, let's go through the Central Tunnels and through everything to get the 2 enemies on page 4 we are missing. The Central Tunnels are the same as the Upper Tunnels, look for the wisp and then go to the stairs. On floor 5 you'll only get a scene that you didn't find the wisp on this floor, which is fine. On floor 6 you'll find the wisp and the stairs, and finish the Central Tunnels quest. Take the Lower Tunnels to quest now and go down again. On floor 8 you'll find Flaming Skulls, which is one of the two enemies we need. When you kill them, they jump onto one party member and damage them and adjacent members, and give them all a random condition. I wouldn't farm them quite yet though, as you might get lucky and fight enough doing the rest of the dungeon

On the 9th floor, you'll find the Greater Doppelgangers which are the last enemy we need. However, we'll need a special setup to kill them before they transform into another enemy (stun doesn't stop them) so we'll worry about it later. They may turn into Flaming Skulls, so that helps. When you find the wisp you'll find the boss, and you can just stun cheese him to death and you'll get the unique item Cloak of Camouflage. Take the Back To School quest and head down. You'll find the boss with 4 peons that mimic the classes you can make. I focused down the Cleric and then the Mage, then the other two. You can't damage the boss until the other 4 are dead, but you can still stun him with your Ninja so he can't attack, which I suggest doing. The boss can attack twice and also use a lightning spell that gives everyone a random condition. After you win you'll get the Cube of Life, which is a unique item. You'll finish the quest.

Now it's time to farm the enemies. For the Flaming Skulls I went back down to floor 8 of the Lower Tunnels and when I found a room with enemies, I'd kill any Flaming Skulls and then run like usual. For the Greater Doppelgangers 7 of them spawn as the boss in the High School dungeon once you've beaten the "real" boss. However to kill them before they transform on their first turn you'll need to buy the Game Room arcade that gives Initiative (Pinball) and give the Boots of Speed and 2 Moccasins to the Warrior, and 4 Moccasins to the Mage. Find the room with the 7 Greater Doppelgangers, use the Mage's Chain Lightning and Warrior's Cleave to kill all the ones in the front row that didn't act before you, then run and go into the room again until you've got 100% bestiary on them.

When you have it all, go to the Laboratory and take Virtual Reality, Pt. 4. Only 3 bosses. The Alien in the back can attack twice, so stun lock him. The other two didn't seem to do much, so take them down while the alien is stunned, or focus the alien down first for an easy win. I found it easier than the PT. 3 fight. Anyway, when you finish the quest you'll get the achievement and the unique item Cube of Energy.

Virtual Reality

Please, come and sit down.

Virtual Reality
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

One last achievement to get. First, buy the Weapon Rack Shelf in the Game Room. Next, buy a ton of bombs in-game from the shop and then go to Naughty Marsh and fight ONE Attack Beaver. You want to stun it every turn with Smoke Bomb and have everyone else throw the Bombs you just bought at it. Once it has 6 different conditions, it will instantly die, giving you an achievement. The bombs apply conditions randomly, so you may get unlucky and get conditions the enemy already has. It worked 2 out of 3 tries for me though, so it shouldn't be hard to get at all.

Sudden Death

Inflict an enemy with all conditions.

Sudden Death
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

That's it. Congrats on the 100%!

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