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Duke of Defense

Duke of Defense

Duke of Defense

Duke of Hearts achievement in Duke of Defense

Duke of Hearts

100% complete the game!

Duke of Hearts0
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How to unlock the Duke of Hearts achievement

  • Its Uncle KevIts Uncle Kev1,333,659
    15 May 2020 09 May 2020 15 May 2020
    0 0 10
    So to unlock this achievement will acquire a few things.

    -Complete the game
    -Unlock all towers
    -Unlock all heads
    -Gold Star all levels

    In order to do this, talk to all the NPC’s as you progress through the game. This will help you unlock the heads.

    Update: Bonus levels not required for 100%. Thanks Icy!

    Now to gold star a level, you must complete the level without losing a life. You will know you accomplished this because it will have a golden shimmer sort of look to it.

    If you can manage all that, this achievement will pop. Good luck guys.

    Edit; decided I will give tips on how to gold star levels as I unlock them myself.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Update 2: Blade just mentioned bonus missions can be used to replace boss missions for the 100% completion achievement. Not sure if that was intended but might want to act fast before you have to go the boss route if your struggling with them
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    The DauntlessDoes this even unlock though?

    I have already found 4 glitched achievements (that no one else has unlocked) and this one appears to be the same.
    Posted by The Dauntless on 09 May at 11:31
    Its Uncle KevLooks like someone popped it, so I’m wondering if it’s happening to some and not others
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 09 May at 14:49
    IcyThrasherThe bonus levels are not required =) what is required is to beat the 3 bosses without getting hit =) good luck. Ice boss is Co pletely random.
    Posted by IcyThrasher on 10 May at 21:15
    Its Uncle KevNot looking forward to the bosses at all. Thanks for the heads up.
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 11 May at 02:25
    BattleBladeWarJust a quick update. If youre having trouble gold starring the boss battles ( or if you’re good on those but can’t gold star the odd mission here and there) you can gold star the extra missions instead ( unlocked after you beat the game) as you said, they’re not required for the 100%, but they still count towards it. I just tested this, I didn’t gold star a single boss battle (so bad at those atm) but I got gold in all the extra missions and the achievement popped. Be warned, they are still really hard. But i found they were easier then dealing with the random attacks.
    Posted by BattleBladeWar on 15 May at 05:02
    Its Uncle KevOh shit. That’s really awesome. I’m going to have to try that.
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 15 May at 07:24
    Nerdy PenguinsNice guide. If like me you couldn't find the last tower, go to desert 2 and talk to npc then destroy his tower
    Posted by Nerdy Penguins on 15 May at 21:42
    True MarvellousWhere are the bonus missions?

    Posted by True Marvellous on 16 May at 11:31
    Its Uncle KevBonus missions become available once you beat the game. When you do, talk to the NPC’s and they will have new missions. I believe there’s the bird in the forest levels, Greg in world two and someone else in world 3
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 16 May at 15:37
    Nerdy PenguinsJust to confirm I got the 100% achievment doing bonus levels and not a single boss too
    Posted by Nerdy Penguins on 16 May at 19:56
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