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Wrong Number achievement in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Wrong Number

Kill 10 enemies with Nitro Cell in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.

Wrong Number0
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How to unlock the Wrong Number achievement

  • CenrailCenrail418,276
    09 Dec 2015 08 Dec 2015 15 Jan 2018
    177 27 15

    This achievement is not as daunting as it may first appear to be but it requires a little bit of dedication and fair share of luck.

    First and foremost: Only the following defensive operators can use C4:

    Mute (SAS)
    Pulse (FBI SWAT)
    Kapkan (SPETSNAZ)
    Bandit (GSG9)
    Valkyrie (SEALS)
    Mira (GEO)

    What you want to do is leave the room where your objective is located in and head towards one of the attacker spawns that is relatively far from your defensive objective.
    In social/casual game modes the game will most likely prevent attackers from spawning very close to your objective. (contrary to ranked where attackers can pick their own deployment location).

    Now plant your C4 on one of the barricaded windows or doors that are most commonly used by enemies. A lot of enemies do not expect defenders to be that far away from their objectives and as long as one of the camera carts has not spotted you there is a very serious chance that the attackers will just carelessly bash in a door or window.

    Once you see a hole appear in the door that you have rigged with C4, detonate it for at least one easy kill ( i've regularly gotten double and triple kills this way).

    This requires a fair share of luck. If nobody has entered your window after 10-15 seconds, pick up the C4 again and start roaming the area. You are now in a spot where none of the attackers will expect you so you can attack them from behind.

    You can now attempt to do 2 things:
    1) If you find yourself behind an enemy you can either toss your c4 on him and just blow him up. This poses the risk that your enemy moves away from your C4 or suddenly turns around etc.
    2) Shoot him down to an injured position and then chuck a C4 on him while he is downed. This counts but comes with the risk that his teammates are now alerted or your teammates finish of the downed enemy before you could.

    If this is your playstyle you should get this achievement relatively easily.

    - Good luck

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    Htowns D BrownCan anyone help me with this achievement?
    Posted by Htowns D Brown on 24 Jan 18 at 08:25
    Jyro X2New list of operators:

    Mute (SAS)
    Pulse (FBI SWAT)
    Kapkan (SPETSNAZ)
    Bandit (GSG9)
    Valkyrie (SEALS)
    Mira (GEO)
    Mozzie (SASR)

    This is as of June 3, 2019
    Posted by Jyro X2 on 03 Jun 19 at 20:18
    Pending DemiseMute(SAS), Pulse(FBI), Kapkan(Spetsnaz), Bandit(GSG9), Valkyrie(Navy Seals), Mira(GEO), Kaid(GIGR), Mozzie(SASR), Warden(Secret Service), Goyo(Fuerzas Especiales)

    29, Feb, 2020
    Posted by Pending Demise on 29 Feb at 07:16
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  • TimbooooooooTimboooooooo114,918
    22 Dec 2015 13 Dec 2015
    42 8 0
    Not a solution but more of a tip.

    When an enemy is downed before you finish him off chuck a C4 on him and you still get the kill.

    Its easier when they cant shoot back
  • SolaceConquestSolaceConquest304,561
    28 Jan 2016 09 Feb 2016
    20 2 0
    Its easy to pick this up by setting choke points.
    You can often get three kills by throwing the nitro at a group trying to barrage an objective. It's still down to luck, pretty much like every other achievement but you just need to be a bit creative.
    You can also use a downed enemy as bait and kill both the downed enemy and the operator reviving them for an easy double kill.
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